Friday, May 29, 2009

I took some exhilarating pics lately. I can't describe them as adorable or precious because they are kinda scary and creepy. I rodents make your skin crawl, you might not want to look at these pics.
We were at a friendly gathering when all of the sudden Spencer and I heard grown women screaming and one of them bolted from where she was standing. As soon as someone said it was a bee I thought, what a bunch of girly girls. Well, I take it back, it was a bat!!!!!!! I wish so badly I could have seen the faces as they warned each other.
The first thing I did was get the camera of course! I snapped a few then moved over for a better angle. When the dang thing flew away it went over to the house and me being a bit of an idiot grabbed a dixie cup from off of the table to catch it. I had the cup on the bat but was too chicken to trap it. My heart stopped beating when it got out and flew in between my legs.
That is when we called in the big guns. Spencer was a trained pest control guy for most of the time we lived in AZ so this kind of think doesn't even phase him. We got a ski glove and a pot and tada! The bat was captured and the City of Meridian was called to come and pick it up.
Can you believe how nasty this guy got with me? I guess this is how the paparazzi feels when they are just trying to get a pic to post on the internet for all to see.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How do you like my new ride? Since I like to tell stories, this is how all of my dreams came true.

A few months ago my beautiful friend, we will call her “Summer”, told me about a truck that she thought would be cool for a family picture. I thought, yep, sounds cool, wish I had one. Fast forward many months of wishing on shooting stars for the most perfect photo prop ever. I dropped my Mady off at “Summer’s” house for co-op. As I leave the neighborhood, I see the truck! I thought that IS an awesome truck. I slow down to admire and wish just once more and guess what! It had a sign in the window $500 obo. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, I nearly wet my pants. After a few hours of batting my eyes at Spencer and a phone call to most of my family, (that is just how it works) we were able to make a WONDERFUL deal with the family who owned it and now it is mine. ALL MINE! Until Spencer gets his hands on it and restores it. Right now the poor thing is transgendered, I know, so inappropriate! I think it is a girl and Spencer says it is a boy. Whatever. I think until we figure it out, we will name him/her Trixie the Trannie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I usually post my client photography on my other blog but I HAD to post this one. Pretty cute right? I think I am going to try to get one of Ethan sitting in this. It will look funny compared to this pic but I think it will be cute if it is displayed alone. I will have to bribe him with some candy but it is all for the greater good right?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our PSA for the day, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET WHEN RIDING YOUR BIKE. This stink pot has 2 helmets!!!! Was he wearing one when he kissed the concrete? No. Seriously, I don't know whether to smack him or hug him. OK, of course I hugged him.
The really scary thing is, he can't tell us what happened. We are pretty sure that he has a concussion. Our neighbor works with the life flight team at St. Lukes. Lucky for us, we were able to get some free medical advice him. He told me what to look for in case we needed to take him to urgent care. At first I was freaking out because he kept asking me what day it was and if I knew what happened. Over the last few hours he has snapped out of it. I just need to wake him up every few hours to make sure he is OK.
Don't worry, I WILL be posting pics as things start to turn different colors. What kind of a mother would I be if I let this injury go undocumented? Then it would be like it never happened and that would be sad.
Just a friendly reminder since summer is almost here. You can wash and re-use your swim diapers. I can usually get through the whole summer with one package. After your little one wears them you can put them through the wash just remember to let them air dry. If they do the stinkies in them, I am pretty sure that you are out of luck and it is time to take your loss and move on. SMOOCHES!

Monday, May 18, 2009

This is a pic of the trailer that Spencer re-built. It kinda fell apart when we ran off the icy road when me moved here from Arizona. Now it is ready for another move. I am so proud of him! I knew that I needed to marry a man that knew how to "fix" things. He is so creative and I love him for it!
My sweet sweet husband just sacrificed the hot tub for the greater good of the family. He didn't know that I listed it on Craigslist along with the garage sale we had on Saturday. When a lady showed up and said she wanted to look at the hot tub we listed on Craigslist, he wasn't too impressed. He has just finished telling a friend that he will sell EVERYTHING else before the hot tub. Well, the lady liked it and bought it. Thanks for taking one for the team babe.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liquidation Sale
Tomorrow May 14th 6-9 p.m.
@ my house of course!

I am looking to sale a bunch of my crafts and home decor before we move. We are having a neighborhood garage sale this weekend and had a few of my friends say they were interested in a sneak peak. So here you go! My plan today was to go around the house and get pics of a few of the items that I am selling. This morning my plan was foiled when I fell and sprained my ankle. Stupid fireplace. Anyway, I am going to bit the bullet and get some pics tonight to post.

ALL OF MY TUTUs and HATs will be price reduced for the sale. I can always make more after I move right? My pettiskirts will also be reduced, you lucky lucky friends of mine.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Carson turned 8 last week! It didn't hit me until I saw him at his very first pack meeting in his cub scout uniform. He was so excited. He was dressed and ready two hours before the meeting was to start. Lucky for us, the meeting was the Pinewood Derby. It was so fun to watch all those boys. Carson had a ton of fun. Mady also had a blast with her little girl friends. Watching her with them made my heart hurt because we are leaving. I can't think about it, it makes me woozy.

So, we finally have a final date for Carson's baptism. It is going to be on June 20th. That means will we not be leaving Meridian until the END of June. Don't hold your breath though, things change quickly around here.