Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Carson my love! Carson is 7 today, I can't believe he is so big! After he got home from school today, we put together a dinosaur puzzle thingy that was for ages 7+. We have hit the BIG TIME. Just a few pics of pre-party boredom.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have been tagged by my adorable cousin Audrie.

7+ Random/Weird facts about me

1. I can't stand to use metal silverware. If we are out, Spencer will search wherever we are to find me a plastic spoon or fork. I can taste the metal and to touch crappy silverware makes me cringe.

2. I map out my driving route WAY before I get in the car. We are talking days in advance if I am planning to run errands.

3. I have wet my pants three times this year.

4. I will be turning the big 30 in July.

5. If I wasn't such a chicken, I think it would be cool to be a mortician.

6. I am really creepy.

7. I have to have at least one project in the works or I get depressed, literally. Crafting is a wonderful form of therapy for me.

8. BONUS I think that my posts without pictures are boring. I found this one of me and Spencer when we were 22.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Carson had his first T-ball game last Tuesday. Oh my, it was a thrilling three innings. He thinks he is such a big shot but he is alone in that thought. If he knew a thing about what he was doing, I might be a bit proud but he is clueless. One funny thing about his team, two of the boys on it are in Madyson's pre-school class. Pretty much how that happened.....Carson it too old for his team and Mady is too young for her class. Either way, it cracks me up!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Scooter is 3 months! He is still so stinkin' skinny but that is how Carson was too. I am trying to fatten him up the best I know how.

This little boy is kinda freaking me out. He got his nickname Scooter because well, he scoots. I put him down in his crib with his feet at one end. By the time he is awake and making noises, he his head is at the other. He has been doing this for about two months now.

After I started to call him this, Carson asked why and I told him. Carson said, "Mom, I want to call him Little Sucker since he sucks his fingers." Very creative son, but it's a no go.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I haven't posted in a while. For some reason my house won't clean itself. What is up with that?
I wanted to post my adventures in snorkeling. Let me start this out by saying, Spencer feels really bad. His dad went out before us and we went on our own not really knowing where the good spots were.
Anyway, we got the gear set up and ready to go. I was brave and posed for a picture. Can you believe that I posted that? I know, I should be charging money, but for you my friends, this ones on me.

I was not excited about this but I am always the party pooper. I have lost my drive for adventure. The only times I was adventurous was when I was trying to impress a guy. Well, Spencer is officially mine so I turned into a chicken pretty fast. Once we got into the water, I panicked a bit. It just isn't normal for me to breath under water. I couldn't get it under control at first but fought through it and started to swim and "explore." We were headed out and it wasn't super clear water, plus I am near sighted, so I was kinda thinkin' whoopee.

Spencer was trying to teach me the underwater signs for communication. Don't you think we should have done this on the shore? Luckily, I am a pretty bright girl so I knew what he was trying to say to me. After a few minutes, he pointed out a sea cucumber. Me being the big fat chicken that I am started to flail my arms, kick my legs because I was pretty sure that it was one of eight tentacles that belonged to a hungry octopus that was going to attach itself to my face. It just kinda freaked me out.
We got to the point where we were at the break of the water so the next task was to get on the other side of it. HOLY COW that was not fun. I kept loosing track of Spencer and was getting really freaked out. It is really hard to breath through a snorkel and hyperventilate at the same time. We got on the other side and the ocean floor was not as close as it was anymore. This did not impress me. I said to Spencer that I wanted to swim parallel to the beach and find what we could see. I was getting tired and was not seeing the fascinating sea life that I was promised. Every little thing that did move freaked me out anyway so I wasn't hatin' on it. I told Spencer I was done and started to head back in. This would have been just fine if we were around the reef. I am so inexperienced with the ocean and tide and rocks. The waves were bringing us back in but not without smacking us against the rocks. I was instructed to let the waves take me in. OK that is fine but these huge rocks sticking out of the ocean could split my skull in two. Once the waves hit, all I could see was bubbles. I put my hands out in front of me but the waves brought me in too fast and I got smacked against a few rocks. I tried to sit/pin myself against some taller rocks but it was still hard to feel safe. As I am sitting there, trying not to die, the lovely life guard swam out on her surf board. I SO wanted to tell her to shove over and let me go to shore with her, but I still had 5 feet of rocks to get through. I told her I was fine and decided to put on my big girl panties and get out of this mess. I figured, worse case scenario, I wet my pants from being scared to death. Lucky for me, it would be between me and the ocean.

Once we got in a safe spot, Spencer's dad came over to us feeling so bad for what we had just done. They told me to go over to another spot cause they saw some eels. First of all, I am tired and I want to get out of the ocean. Second, an eel? Sorry that does not impress me, that scared the crap out of me. So I told Spencer to go on without me and swam to shore.
I didn't take pictures of my injuries because I am pretty sure it is against my religion to photograph such spots. My poor little bum bum took the tole. It is the largest area of the body so I shouldn't be surprised.
I feel so lucky that I was able to live through this near death experience in order to tell this tale. It is going to have to take a serious bribe and many gifts to get me to do that again. It just wasn't that fun for me. I am a mother and a wife and am happy to sit on the beach and chase away the chickens.