Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tonight, I am sitting at the dinner table with one of my dearest friends in all the land. After the Ray Reunion, my friend Lorie and her kidlets joined me and my kidlets in Pine. We had the entire cabin to ourselves and loved every minute of it. You would think that two women who love to take pics and scrapbook would have had their cameras out the entire time together. We didn't take a single picture while we were up there!!!! I guess we assume that such wonderful memories will be burned into our brains, never to escape!

During the reunion I had my camera out a lot. If I didn't have Ethan in my arms, I had the camera. Sadly enough, it felt like they weighed the same. One of my favorite parts of the reunion was letting Carson be free! He and two "cousins" found a "TP" and turned it into a secret fort. They weren't going to let me up there so I decided to go unannounced. I did manage to take a few pictures and this is one of my favorites. Yes, those are worms that Carson put in the bottom of the water bottle!

I am going to Santa Barbara in the morning to spend a few weeks with Spencer's parents. Spencer went back to Boise last Monday and I won't see him again until next Friday. I didn't realize how long our break apart was going to be! Oy, I kinda miss my boyfriend.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Poor Sadie didn't want to go outside! This is the last picture that I took of her hiding under my bed. Yep, that means she is gone. I turned into a softy and let her hang out with us Saturday night. That led to letting her sleep in our bed. Normally, I would have told Spencer to forget it, but I was the one who made her follow me to bed. Truth be told, I will miss her. I won't miss her poop, her hair or the fact that she has eaten every one of the ripe tomato's out of the garden.

We donated her to the Meridian Police Department. We had a Sheriff come out and test her and he said she would be ideal to train to be a drug dog. How exciting is that? I was bummed because the Sheriff showed up while we were at church. Luckily, Nicole and Rustin were home (seriously, I am so LUCKY they were home) they talked to him and he wasn't going to wait until church got out. They weren't playing hookie, they attended Kimberlee's homecoming. Anyway, Nicole DROVE over to church and found me to come home. I found Spencer and he went home to give Sadie away. I wanted to get pics of her leaving with him, but I had to stay at church. So, this is the picture I ended up with! I want to give a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Cheryl who helped me find a place for Sadie poo poo pants to be, and to Nicole for knowing how important it was for us to give her away. Seriously, I would have flipped my lid if we would have missed the Sheriff!

After we got home, we were telling the kids that Sadie is gone. Carson didn't care, he said "oh." Mady said, "It took FOREVER for us to get rid of her." I guess that means is wasn't a bad decision. Poor Spencer, I hope that he will forgive me some day soon!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My sister STEPHANIE kinda loves me. She sent me this perfect bouquet of CHOCOLATE. I can't think of any better way for a sister to show some love. The balloon cracks me up too. Carson was a little worried at first but he finally gets the joke. Thanks Steph, you are so sweet and so thoughtful. Love you too!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I decided to start out my 3rd decade with a dramatic change. As I am sure you can tell from the pictures, I cut my hair a bit. It was more than 10 inches so I was able to donate it. I was really excited about that part. I will have Nicole take a pic of my tomorrow. My hair dresser did a PERFECT job especially without seeing a pic of what I wanted. It is super short in the back with some length in the front. Spencer approves, I am pretty sure that he wants to make out with me now.