Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oy! Things have been busy around here!! I have been taking lots of pics and trying to catch up on my editing. All of this along with helping with Carson's class and my other part time job. I have another family shoot this weekend for one of Spencer's cousins. They have 4 kids under 4, yeah, it is going to be FUN! It is amazing what I will do to get myself out there. They are a beautiful family and it will be rewarding hard work.

This pic is a reason why I LOVE what I do. This last week in church we sat next to Hallies family. She ended up practically sitting on my lap trying to see what my kids were doing. I thought she was the most stunning child and HAD to ask her mom if I could take her picture. I am going to use one of these in my very first add and would LOVE some help! Which one do you like the best?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today I am doing a session with a family of 7!!! It is cold and crappy outside so I set up my backdrop in my front room. The north wall is just windows and I am in love with the lighting. I actually turned the light on in that room too and it is perfect, it is diffused just right. So, today will be interesting. I can't wait to see how these turn out. The mom told me that if these don't turn out she is going to Sears. I giggled because she is going to LOVE my pictures cause I am pretty darn good for only doing this for 3 months.
This is a picture of Carson that I took to try out how things could possibly look. I was happy with the way his eyes turned out and that is all I am looking for right now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

This was my fist Senior photo shoot. I was super nervous and actually dreamt about it the night before. It was a cool dream, I was taking pics with Doug and we decided to stop and play soccer for a bit just to break up the smiling time. Anyway, it was cool, mostly cause he can't walk. We took these pictures at the same park that I did our family pics for our christmas card. It looked like crap with all of the leaves dead. I feel bad that their wasn't more to work with but I felt like I did a pretty good job.
I am still waiting to hear from him and his mom. She wants me to design a full page LO in his yearbook using some of my pics and pics of him with the football team and sky diving. Glad they didn't want me to take those pics.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is my sweet cousins family. For some reason, my pics didn't turn out like I wanted them to, I still have LOTS of things to learn. Anyway, this house is across the street from where we live. I will be torn down soon as this area develops. When we were inside, I was noticing some of the writing on the walls. Most of it, I had to quit reading cause it was naughty but there was something really cool there. Someone that once lived there wrote how old they were when they lived in that house and how old they are now. They said, that house held some of their favorite memories. That obviously got me thinking. I LOVE taking pics in front of old barns and old homes. I want to take pics of the homes around here before they get torn down. I have a great picture of a barn that I will post when I get finished with it. I just love the feeling of these pics. I actually went back and took that doornob in the pic of Maycie. I just had to have it!!!