Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This time of year makes me crazy in the best way crazy can make someone.  I think I proved my point with my opening sentence.  Between photo sessions and crafts, I don't manage to accomplish anything else.  Please don't tell my husband that my money earning distractions are fun.  I think he would jealous!
I have been updating my Totally Rad Crafts blog with lots of goodies and plan on keeping up with it.  I have lots and lots that I have planned to post so stay tuned.
To all of my Meridian friends, I am going to be back the weekend of the 22nd.  I have just a few openings for photo sessions so it you want to get scheduled in, just let me know.  That weekend is one of the most beautiful in Boise/Meridian!
I am also bringing my beads.  When the sun goes down, the bead goddess comes out!  I have one party scheduled already and have Sat. night available if you want to play beads with me!
I have found such a fun addition to the watch bands.  It is a flower that can be used instead of a watch face.  I LOVE IT!  It is nice just to wear my bands as a bracelet sometimes.  Then I can get crazy and wear it on my RIGHT hand.