Friday, November 30, 2007

How nice would it be to hang out all day in your jammies? I am asking cause I could tell you, it is nice! I don't get dressed unless I am leaving the house, I do have love for my fellow men. When I came into the living room and saw Mady sprawled out on the coffee table I needed a pic. This week has been a LONG one and we have loved staying in our "jams" Mady stayed home sick from Pre-school on Monday and Carson has been home sick for the last three days. I am pretty sure that Spencer will soon be sick as well. I just hope that everyone gets it out of their systems before the new baby gets here.

I had to post this picture really quick. This child melts my heart. This was my second session with this family and I knew I would get one of these. I jus HAD to share!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuesday night I tried to set this shot up. It didn't turn out to be as "freakin' awesome" as I thought it would. I need Christmas pics for my frames in the hallway and thought this would be fun. Well, it was a nice try. I was using my 50mm lens so I was stuck in the back of the room as far away as I could to get what I wanted into the shot. Well, I eventually tried to get my big fat pregnant butt up all by myself and guess what I did. According to Carson, I ruined Christmas. When I stood up my belly knocked over the tree. It has a mind of its own I tell ya. So of course, like so many of my other friends, instead of getting mad, I grabbed the camera for the Blog. I guess that having a blog has helped a few hissy fits from happening.

Monday, November 12, 2007

So here is an update. I had Chanel 6 News in my house today. The didn't interview me on camera but I did give them my pictures. If you are local you may see some of my pics on the news. Most likely not but you never know!

So last night we were watching TV and saw some lights flashing in our back windows. Spencer went to check it out and it was the Meridian Police Department searching the field behind our house. We looked out the window in the front and this is what we saw. Holy Crap! While this guy was sitting on the curb the police were searching the entire neighborhood. They found a back pack on the neighbors front porch and searched it. Two cops took off in a hurry and the next thing we know, they are patting down a girl and had her in the back of one of the cars. So, this is what we found out this morning. These two criminals were breaking into cars in the neighborhood. Someone called the police and these two took off. The guy ended up in our neighbors back yard and the dogs inside were going crazy at the back door. The guy that lives next to us went to go see what was going on and their was a guy looking back at him. He opened the door to ask what was going on. He got pushed out of the way and the robber hid in the house and they later found his box cutter. My neighbors called the police and they were able to be over there right away since they had already been called. Luckily they don't have any kids in the home, that would have been horrible. The scary this is, I never lock my doors and I mean never. Even after all of that last night, I forgot to lock them. Guess what, not going to forget tonight! So yeah, really scary. I feel blessed that my home and my family were safe. I think I am going to put a pic of Spencer in the front window with a sign that says, This Guy Lives Here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Watch out world!! Madyson turned 4! We had a party for her that turned out pretty darn good. The theme was, It's Time to get FABULOUS! We decorated princess hats, painted nails, made jewelry, had princess sandwiches and birthday cake, opened presents and had a fashion show for the moms. The girls were so good! I would much rather do a girl party than a boy party.

Madys cake was a little ghetto but it worked out just fine. I am not if love with Barbie so I thought the next best thing would be a pic of Mady on top of her cake. The picture turned out to be Spencers favorite and he stole it.

Mady HAD to invite Hunter even though it was a girls only party. She is totally in love with him even though their dads are cousins. I have finally convinced her to stop kissing him. Now when he moves in for some action, Mady puts her hand up to her face and says, No Hunter, I can't kiss you. My mom said we can't anymore. At least I know she listens to me sometimes.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Todays thoughts running through my head are, Who lit the fuse on your tampon? Seriously, why are people so cranky? Just a quick trip to the store and I wanted to beat the crap out of two women who seriously need to get some. I am a big ol' mama who can't walk down the isle without getting a contraction. It's going to be alright if I walk slow in front of you, my uterus is killing me! OK, venting session over.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Just wanted to post some favorite pics from a recent photo shoot. This Mr. Man was such a beautiful little boy. His poor parents were a little stressed but I got some fun shots of him just being himslef.