Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is THE sweetest most precious baby in all the land. I am NOT just saying that. My brand new nephew, is quite possibly the most perfect baby I have ever seen. He doesn't cry. He lets anyone hold him. He is a great sleeper and a great eater. I think I have covered everything that babies do. We got to go and be there for his baby blessing and OF course I had to take some pictures. Like expected he was perfect. So here are some of my favorites!

So, I haven't posted any pics of the house all done cause IT HAS NEVER BEEN CLEAN! I swear, I need a boost of enery one of these days with NO KIDS or BOYS around.

Instead of cleaning, I have been working on projects to cover my naked walls. This has taken A LOT of my time becuase I don't have any decor. I don't want to spend a ton of money but I want my house to look nice, so I make a lot of my stuff. I'm not saying my stuff is super nice, but it will get us by for the next few years.

So here are some pics of my latest creations!!
This is a clock that I made out of one of my favorite pictures EVER of my Madyson. I used a key box and turned it into a shadow box. I used some of the blue paper from that Chalet CBX line and it went perfect with her dress color. Of course I had to turn this into a clock because 1)I never know what time it is and 2)Duh, I am late for everything.

This is another clock that I made. It is about 24 inches wide. I LOVE this clock but want to do another one already. I also painted the shelf and the mirrors. I added words to t he mirrors so that I can give myself a pep talk now and then.

This is my BIG R. I used more CBX paper cause I can't get enough of it, litterally! This R is about three feet tall. I don't know where to put it yet, but dang it, it is done!