Thursday, January 29, 2009

The morning after Christmas (yep, I have been meaning to post this story since then) Carson came to me to show me his Rubix cube that he got at the family gift exchange. To my surprise, he had put it back together. I was in shock. I thought that things were going to be OK as far as his intelligence goes. He is doing well in school but would do so much better if he would focus. After solving the cube, I thought about him getting into any college that he wants because he is a genious! All morning long, I told anyone and everyone about my boy genious. I bragged about him as much as I could.
Later that night we were sitting down as a family and I saw the cube that had been messed up again. I asked Spencer if he saw that Carson solved it. He said he did. He asked me if I looked at it and I said I had. He said, "look closer." Ah CRAP! My smarty pants took the stickers off to solve it. At this moment I learned that he will take after me. If I don't know how to do something, I will figure out a way, even if it isn't the "right" way. And most of the time, it is easier and cheaper! Good luck with that Carson!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I hope that my mom was able to read this tonight cause it is her BIRTHDAY. She is sweet enough to be statified to get pics of her grandkids as a gift. I love you MOM!!!!

These are pics from when we were sledding. Thanks to Ken & Barbie for inviting us. It was a GREAT spot and close to home. I was so surprised how excited Mady was. She was brave until she got "run over." Poor girl have to learn the hard way not to walk in the path of the sleds. Carson sprained his thumb but got over it pretty fast. We were able to take lunch up there. The big boys made a fire and the kids roasted hot dogs. I made corn chowder for the adults and it was yummy! I think we may need to go up at least one more time this year.

Ethan boy turned 1! We spent the day sledding, he was stuck in a stroller but the big kids had a blast. Since this was just his first birthday he got a cupcake. I am a firm believer that he won't remember this day and so the bliss he got to experience was just that, pure bliss! This little cup cake was finished in about 3 minutes.
Ethan is walking now. He has been for a few weeks, even though we constantly tried to trip him while he was learning. He has 4 teeth, three on the bottom and one on top. He LOVES to play peek-a-boo. He will play anywhere, anytime. He loves to pound on things like he is playing drums. He loves his blankies and only sucks his first two fingers when he has one. He is easily entertained and giggles when you try to scare him. He is doing really well at using his sippy cups. The last time he had a bottle was in the middle of the night before his birthday. I knew it was going to be his last so I held him like a little baby. It was a magical moment for me.
This little boy is spoiled with love. I am so very thankful that he is mine.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

It is now very clear to me why blogs were created. When I saw Ethan covered in flour, my first thought was; you little brat. The second was; this is going to be AWESOME for my blog. Being able to post these pics for all my friends and family to see may have saved my entire family from witnessing a mental breakdown. Thank you blogger!