Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ethan not only looks like Carson, he acts like him too. This isn't exactly a good thing. Ethan is into EVERYTHING! He kept getting into the garbage can. He was like little rat, when he was hungry, he would go over to the garbage. He would get into cans of food and eat the crap that was in them. Not only was it in the garbage for a reason, it was also really bad because he would cut his hands on the cans! Oy, this child. So, to stop this behavior, we set up the happy box (or play pen as others call it in the) living room. The little brat found a small hole in the side. It looked like another kid stuck a pencil in the mesh and Ethan found it. He started to make the hole bigger with his finger, then his arm, then his head! He could have strangled himself! So, I moved it into Madyson's bedroom. I didn't realize the box was right by it! I caught Ethan trying to get in from the side. When he saw me with the camera, he decided to pose for me. Oh, he is so cute but is SUCH a brat! I have the happy box wedged inbetween the entertainment center and the fireplace with the escape route facing the corner. It actually gives him his own little nook to play in. Now, he is like a little gerbal that can go in and out of his tunnel. I put a ton of toys back there and it is working out pretty good. I can get the dishes done without him climbing on the door and grabbing for the knives. Have I mentioned that I don't like one year olds?

I hate it that I don't post more often. I have so much fun stuff to write about! First of all, Spencer got accepted to BYU Idaho for the fall/winter tracks! That means that we will move to Rexburg in September or when our house sells. It kinda turns my tummy to write that, I am not sure what kind of emotions they are. Something else that is REALLY cool about this, Spencer's little sister Katelyn in graduating from high school this year and got assigned to the same track as Spencer! Is that not funny? Who would have thought that even though they have a 12 year age difference, that they would go to the same school at the same time. I really hope that it works out for her to go there. I LOVE HER! That doesn't even begin to express how much I adore her. I could go on and on about how amazing she is, that is for another post. Spencer is excited to get to be the big scary brother that pops up in the middle of her dates. I will do my best not to follow him around with a camera trying to capture those moments! Also, as if having his sister there isn't enough, ALL of my syblings live there! My brother and two sisters are there along with 4 nephews and 1 1/2 nieces! How exciting is that? All of those children will FINALLY have the opportunity to fall in love with me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

My friend Lorie is giving away TONS of uber cute stuff on her blog. Her button in on my side bar. This weekend she will be giving away one of my tutu's in my etsy store. OK, so I have yet to list them, but I am getting to it OK! I wanted to post this pic that I took of Mady. I had to turn on the trickery to get her to work with me. I told her she was a fashion model AND that she was just like iCarly. It worked! Isn't she funny?