Thursday, April 01, 2010

The other day, Ethan snuck some bologna out of the fridge.  It is quite the accomplishment since we finally got a door latch to keep him OUT.  He stalks everyone and waits for them to  open it.  Mady opened it and Ethan swooped in and started to grab for the first thing he could see.  Well, when you work THAT hard for a slice of bologna, go for it, you earned it.  He did his little happy dance, took a bite and then slapped it against the fridge.  Apparently, it sticks REALLY good to the side.  He ran off, came back a minute later, peeled the bologna off, took a bite and then slapped it back on.  Normally I would have stopped it but I couldn't help be proud of my little heathen.  So, if you ever find yourself craving a slice of bologna, don't think you have to eat it all at once.  Just slap it to the fridge and save it for later.


Lorie said...

That is awesome.

The picture is gorgeous.

And I miss you.

The End!

Logan and Tanya said...

How funny! Who knew?! Nice find, Ethan! Oh, and Michelle, this picture is beautiful! Nice work. ;)

Kellie Larsen said...

i adore this picture. good to know it sticks on the fridge.

Monica said...

I laugh every time I see this blog post! Keep it at the top of the posts so I can have a good chuckle every so often:) Love you!

Not so Molly Mormon Afterall said...

LOL! Such a cute picture and post about the fridge and sneaking food. I have food stashed in my husbands sock drawer, my scrapbooking cabinet and my beach bag!

I enjoy your blog from afar...Thanks for a smile today!